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On this site you’ll come across all sorts of so-called philosophizing. I’m not a philosopher. I’m a guy that reads a lot of books (including philosophy books) and does a lot of thinking and writing and more thinking.

I have a rudimentary understanding of many philosophical things. I’m not really trained in philosophy unless you count a few undergrad optional courses I took way back in University. So, what you read here is largely just my musings on things I consider philosophical because I enjoy pondering such things and then blogging about them.


running_voices_v1_lIn 2013 I started a new series of posts called head.over.feets (which you can conveniently bookmark from the URL that is loosly inspired by three things:

  1. the fact that I run and I wanted to write about running from a mindfulness perspective,
  2. this blog and my ongoing interest in armchair philosophy, and
  3. Plato‘s Dialogues, but only about as loosely as can be expected from someone who has only ever read two of them.

They are in essence a very simple philosophical dialogue — or are emerging to be as such — that I’ve been inspired to write. The premise is confusing at first, but it is pretty much abstractly this: a conversation wherein four main characters loosely based on (1) my head Noggamemnon, (2 & 3) my feet, Links and Plodicus and (4) me, X0r, who — despite the inherent mind-body dualism-type-questions that emerge directly from the premise and likely will not be engaged — discuss vaguely philosophical topics related to running, distraction, fitness, mindfulness, the physical world, metaphysics, theory of mind, etc.

Read the introductory post, and it may help explain things.

I admit, they are tough to read and not for everyone. Also, they are difficult to write, so will not appear with any scheduled regularity. But those who want to get something, can, and will probably enjoy them, too. At least, I hope so.

Other individual posts that might be of interest….

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