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Tall Tales (2013)

big-fishIt’s not that life is boring, but rather that the lessons we’ve learned from life often loom in our memories larger than they really were. We exaggerate and self-aggrandize not because we are narcissistic but rather that we have ideas in our head that have come from spaces and events that don’t seem so important as to warrant those ideas. It’s not that they couldn’t have come from such things, but years and decades later in the telling real life lessons often warrant the reaction “you got THAT from THAT?”

I was not trying to supplant that reality, but rather as an experiment in storytelling combine a handful of my own real life lessons into tall tales, stories with the grains of truth made to seem boulders: seconds or minutes of panic stretched into days and weeks of turmoil, oddball characters morphed into multidimensional archetypes, and small mistakes or misunderstandings ballooned into life-altering trials.

The result –I hope– would be a collection of short stories that I can tell along the way. A collection of stories that capture the imagination, inspire a curiosity for the reality that’s layered within, and preserve a nugget of family history. Thus these were my…

Tall Tales

Copper (2012)

Recommended for Mature Audiences

My name is Otto.

It had been dusk, nearly night when we finally understood that we\’d reached Eddin. A white light had flickered to life amongst the skids. Then another. And we had heard the grumble a few seconds later. There had been the tell-tale grumble of a jenny from the darkness, while the sunlight was still setting at our backs. We\’d seen it at a distance rising out of the canopy of the trees before the darkness had taken it. But now one of the taller concrete skid-shells had suddenly lit up, peppered with light leaking from numerous uncovered windows. A pattern of bravely lit shapes raged against the dusk and whoever lurked in the evening shadows. The grumbling jenny had been awakened in the dark and the skid-shell lit up adding her own stars to the horizon.

Now? Now, my face is pressed to the floor, my cheek grated raw. Bloody. My cheek is grated raw and bleeding from rubbing against grit and scabbed concrete. After so many failed tries at pulling myself to my knees I\’ve lost count. The accumulated bits of debris, dirt, and the skeletons of so many dead insects have knashed at my flesh. My hands are bound together at my back and my feet are lashed to a loop of rusted pipe sticking from the floor. There is blood on the floor. Blood and dirt and dead bugs.

And Fox is not here…

Episode: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010 …

A new serialized novella by the author of this blog, updated weekly (on the weekend)… until it’s done!

Jack, Cubed (2010)

Recommended for Mature Audiences

Jack, Cubed is in many ways the story of a game and everything that game represents to the life of one guy, Jack, who has been tossed between the events of his life, and left to fumble through the results of pressures, ideas, and powers that are seemingly beyond his control.

Jack’s father Glen, wannabe entrepreneur, long ago quit his day job to pursue an unlikely game company, a small business start-up called TCubed Inc, with his son Jack as his sole employee — and they’ve spent three years building a video game that, for reasons they can’t quite understand, is not selling.

As the company ultimately and eventually fails, Glen and Jack take measures to keep themselves in business, and unwittingly find themselves wrapped into a thickly veiled conspiracy to steal their game, and together deeper into a corporate fight — a fight spanning their lives, their home, and the digital fortress of the corporate giant VuduPulse Incorporated — and more determined to uncover the truth than they had ever imagined possible.

Twenty-one year old Jack, who having been reluctantly pulled into the family venture in the first place and all-too-casually seeking a way out, while relying on nothing more than a keen understanding of the technology and a dangerous sense of adventure, quickly finds that dabbling in the tides of big business can change all their lives forever.

About the Author
Brad enjoys reading history books about World War II, watching 1950s science fiction B-movies, and eating spicy food — sometimes in that order.

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