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It’s actually been a little while since our little travelling companion Vulk came along on a trip with us for some travel-photo shenanigans, but he stowed away with us on our recent accent of Mount Robson and the Berg Lake trail (a more in depth post about that coming soon!)

I fact, atop that hike I was not alone in my photoshooting of random toys. While we were sitting and sunning (as much as that is possible) by the glacier-fed lake one afternoon, another hiker showed up, posed a stuffed mountie bear in front of the crystal blue water with the massive ice wall in the background, and snapped a photo with her camera.

For those who are not familiar with this exercise, about three years ago we were looking for fun thing to do while travelling, and a way to add some interest to our vacation photos: in other words, a prop for some travel photography. Some people bring along a little garden gnome, or pose a favourite hat on statues, or something like that. I found this little red LEGO Mixel character, a limited run posable creature, who turned out to be super-expressive and light enough to pocket on even the most weight-sensitive expeditions (like last week up a mountain). And since then, he’s come with us around the country, to Iceland, and even Hawaii.

(I’m still not brave enough to pose him on a Disney property!)

Alas, Vulk has spent the bulk of his time in the last year in a drawer, waiting for some travel-based inspiration.

And so climbing up the back side of the Canadian Rockies’ highest peak seemed like a good opportunity to wake him from his plastic-slumber and take him out exploring:

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