Out Runned, Out Planned

14 August 02017 (1 month ago)2 minutes of your time

I’ve been a run slacker this summer.

I mean, sure… I ran four races in the early summer and since then instead of running I’ve been logging some serious hike-preparation practice with the family. But, insofar as my annual distance goal is measured, I think being 300 klicks behind on the year is putting me in serious jeopardy of not crossing that particular finish line for 2017.

In fact, unless I pick up the paces in September through the end of the year, I almost doubt I’ll crack one thousand. Yikes.

It’s been a mix of things; Life has been filled with an odd assortment of stress this past year. Normally the running would be a pressure valve for that, but not lately: trying to find a gap to squeeze between in contrasting the aches and pains in my body to the anchors of my cluttered mind… well, it’s been a chore.

But I get out when I can, even though the totals don’t quite add up to my plans of earlier in the year.

I think my new plan, unless something goes extremely south in the later half of August, is to (a) recover from our upcoming hiking expedition and then (b) jump into a month of daily running for September. Nothing too hard core, but finding the time to run at least three klicks per day for every day of that month, more if opportunity allows, and then (c) register for and run the 15 klick Fall Classic in October to wrap it all up as a kind of final race of the season.

But that’s just the plan. Plans haven’t been my strong suit this year. The way life has been going, all my plans are subject to many, many conditions.

Your Turn...

How's your life? Full of conditionals?

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