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12 July 02017 (2 months ago)2 minutes of your time
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I’ll go a little more meta on this blog…

If you’ve been following my web comic effort over the last couple months you may have noticed I’ve been hitting the promotional effort quite strongly. Thing is, this little “goofing around on a boring weekend” project has escalated into something that has some leg. The legs are small and weak and barely pulling along the wee body mass of the corpus-proper, but there are legs.

So it now seems like I’ve jumped in with both my legs and decided to see how far I can push this thing until it runs out of steam. For example:

I’ve actually punched out a proper logo.

I’ve set up a few additional social media channels to cross-promote.

And since I had the art work sitting around in HiDef-ready format anyhow, I’ve been using the simple YouTube video online editor and some in-built audio clips to chop out very simple video versions of the comic strips.

You can check out the video version of one of my most popular strips (based on page views and retweets, etc)…

Or, number 007, which is one Claire simultaneously loves and hates because NOW… now… she says that they’re not called unicorn pancakes anymore, so… dad… WTF(udge)?

To top it all off, I’ve created enough strips and scheduled enough stuff that I could officially go on a vacation until October and this thing would just quietly post away until virtually Halloween. That’s a cozy place to be sitting… and it really only giving me more time to flex my promotional creativity.

Now I almost feel like the next milestone is to make it –actually, chronologically– until Pi Day 2018. Imagine that?

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