The Scratchy Violinyst: Copywronged

17 June 02017 (4 months ago)2 minutes of your time

Day: 278
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I’m taking it as a compliment, I guess.

To be clear, I’m not looking to actually make money on my videos. I upload them to YouTube and I’ve turned on the monetization feature because… well… just in case. If some of the garbage I upload happens to go viral, I wouldn’t want to have missed out on a few grand of advertising green.

That does mean, however, that whenever I upload a video the YouTube bots swing into action to ensure that I actually own the content I’m uploading.

And usually it’s never a problem.

So I record this video this morning:

…and I leave to take Claire to her art class and go for coffee.

And that’s when the email arrives on my phone.

The YouTube copyright bots have swarmed in and identified something that I’ve uploaded as potentially infringing upon a copyright.

Maybe I recorded a cover of something.

Maybe I overdubbed some audio into my homebrewed video.

They are not super-specific about what little snippet of me pointing a GoPro at my face for two minutes while I play upon my scratchy violin a song I learned just last week.

But whatever, YouTube has told me that it was good enough to summon the copyright demons to wrap their tentacles around my video and slightly restrict my ability to reap those sweet, sweet viral video dollars (should that happen to materialize.)

If this happens repeatedly, eventually I might get a little more frustrated. But for now, YouTube thinks I good enough to be treading on the toes of some actual recording artists, and I’ll take that as high praise.

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