Pi Day Number Six

14 June 02017 (4 months ago)a few seconds of your time

If you haven’t been paying attention, a lot of MY attention has been diverted into a new summer project.

(How long it lasts after that will depends on how much the equation of PUBLIC INTEREST over EXERTED EFFORT tallies to a number larger than zero, but I digress.)

I have officially created sixteen “This is Pi Day” comics and released seven — six full strips and one bonus panel. I’ve started a few social media feeds, the most successful by far being an Instagram account which spawned over a hundred followers inside of a week and is growing so quick I had to disable notifications because the random-but-frequent buzz on my smartwatch was starting to trigger a kind of subtle reverse shock therapy.

I have strips (current) scheduled all the way through mid-August on my central website www.piday.ca which you should totally visit frequently and bookmark so that you can view it as any loyal fan should.

Now I figure if I can crank out one post a week for the next few months I should be able to keep this thing alive for a good long while. So… stay tuned…?

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