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7 May 02017 (6 months ago)3 minutes of your time

In the Ninth Edition of my “Week of Lists” I tackle the high level topic: Offline versus Online Parenting, exploring the collision of ideas parents face when seeking to participate and bridge gaps between themselves and other parents… while avoiding ruining their kids lives by oversharing or mild exploitation. I’ve been dad-blogging for ten years in various forms, so I’ve thought about many of the pros and cons, like…

3 vs 3 Kinds of People Who Are Destroying (or Building) Online Community

There are many types of people who inhabit our web: six that I meet almost every day in 2017 are either making that web a better place, or leveraging it for their own betterment and soiling it in the process.

They are:

Destroying #1: The Ideologists

Entrenched in their absolute opinions on a wide variety of topics, the world to them is black and white, left and right, good and bad, and everyone is destined to hang from one end of the scale. In their eyes, the moral fumbles of us all can be traced to some kind of political root, and they will scream at us all to make sure we know it.

Building #1: The Thinkers

On the other hand, poking away at the darkness with a light that is frequently far less exciting and far too dim, bloggers with logic and reason, compassion and empathy explain the nuances of ideas and the complexity of morality. To them the world is seven billion shades of grey and those subtle differences do matter and are worth trying to understand.

Destroying #2: The Marketers

To these creators of content, every word is worth money. There is no point in posting something unless it drives click-throughs, increases SEO, or adds subscribers. Everyone is a target for a few cents value of advertising revenue, and there is no depth too low to ensure you don’t leave their site… unless it’s through an affiliate link.

Building #2: The Philanthropists

On the other hand, a generous few are sacrificing their time and money to create something for which they will never be compensated. From distributing free software or services to improve the lives of strangers across the web, to quietly working away in the digital salt mines to generate words, content, art, images, and sounds for the simple reason that there is value in pure participation.

Destroying #3: The Outragers

Your anger makes them strong. They can feel your hate and your frustration welling up inside. They want you to know that the world is full of people who are too different from you, thinking different, acting different, believing different, and ready to change the world just enough to take away everything you think you love. Goodness, to them, is an illusion that turns you into a gullible sheep awaiting the slaughter. Now… never stop reading their blog and see point #2.

Building #3: The Story-tellers

On the other hand, the work of writers, photographers, and documentarians who are bridging the gaps of our differences, as people, as parents, and human beings, by telling stories that evoke empathy and understanding, this is countering the hate and frustration that comes from narrow blindness. Making people more human, humanizing more people. Stories build narrative that builds connection that creates community.

Your Turn...

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