Week of Lists 9 : The Offline Parent Edition

4 May 02017 (6 months ago)3 minutes of your time

It’s not like there has been any *one* thing that has nudged it across the imaginary red line in my mind, but at some point in the last few months I’ve really struggled to find a way to reconcile the whole “dad blogger” thing with the realities of the internet.

That is, to ask a seemingly simple question with a complex answer: how do you blog about parenting without talking about your kids?

You don’t. Not really. Or. Well, kinda yes and kinda no.

How do you do all these things that I think are super important, including the reasons I started in the first place which was to be the family historian, to participate in modern online culture in a purposeful way, and to reach out into this invisible community of people and add your voice to a dark and daunting swirl of mixed information?

But. Big but. Then how do you avoid exposing your kids to the unknown risks associated with a quasi-public life and not exploit them for some kind of weird blog fame or ad-revenue profit?

I can’t figure it out. And I usually figure things out by writing a lot about them and setting down some solid ideas that I can filter and flesh out in my head. No one wants to read a bunch of posts about that… unless…

I decided to do another “Week of Lists” this time on the high level topic: Offline versus Online Parenting. And to mix things up a bit more, another twist: they will all be a pros versus cons list. As such…

Stay tuned. These will start soon… Links to follow. And I should say that the topics are subject to tweaks as I dig in and actually start writing.

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