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21 April 02017 (6 months ago)2 minutes of your time
137 h

Day: 221
Practice Logged: 137 hours + 0 minutes
Feeling: home alone

I have been making a small habit out of recording myself playing the violin. I put the little GoPro dashcam on my music stand, aim in the general direction of violin selfie mode, and start recording. After twenty or thirty minutes of varying quality of video, I usually shelve it an hope that it give me some inspiration in a few weeks or months when I look back to see how terrible I sounded.

Not that today was much of an improvement, but I figured I hadn’t polluted the Youtubes with any of my mediocre playing in a while… three months in fact… so I figured it might be worthwhile to upload something.

This is what I chose.

First is a Disney melody. Not terrible, but I’m still probably a few months away from a live performance.

And another… some Pirates fun: Two takes, where the first half of the first take was good and the second half of the second take was the best of the two, but not terrific. A few fudges and a bit of off tone nearing the end.

Now, if someone can explain why I look like a stunned hedgehog while I’m playing…

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