27 February 02017 (8 months ago)2 minutes of your time

One thousand, one hundred and twenty-three days.

That’s a little over three years. Every day for three years I’ve been opening this little app on my phone and poking at my meager attempt to learn, practice, refine, build, improve my French language skills.

But I’ve decided to stop.

It’s not you, Duolingo, it’s me. I need a break and really I’ve just kept on seeing you every day because it’s become this thing I do. But now it’s over.

For a bit. We’ll see. I need to see other language instruction tools, to sample the variety out there before I get too old and settle down on a second language tutor permanently. It’s been good, but I don’t think we should see each other for a while.

I’m undecided on for how long, but I’m turning in our awesome streak together and I’m officially letting it break. One thousand, one hundred and twenty-three days… to zero.

But seriously…

I’ve plateaued on what I can get out of the app, I think. And frankly it’s a bit of going through the motions for the only purpose of setting a streak. And I’ve been considering when to stop for about six months now, which is a pretty good streak in and of itself, and not just the overlap between quasi-burnout and finally packing it in.

So 1123. Eleven-twenty-three. Also my birthday. November twenty-third. Get it? It seemed like as good a place as any.

But as of now, I’m taking my break.

It’s a good app. You should sign up, try it, learn some vocabulary. Parlez some francais.

Merci Duolingo. It’s been a good three years. Really.

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