Slush Run

20 February 02017 (8 months ago)2 minutes of your time
10 km

Sunday’s run was one of those days when you go out running, and you’re only glad you went out because the experience of it is (a) something that needs to be shared to be appreciated, and (b) leaves you with both a story (as in “remember that day…”) and a point of comparison for all future runs that will undoubtedly have better trail conditions than this one.

The temperature was hovering just around freezing, and maybe even a bit above. We had accumulated a couple centimeters of fresh, wet snow overnight. And everything instantly began to melt just enough to become a lake of cold, sloppy slush on every possible surface.

By the time we’d reached the relative dryness of the gravel river-valley trails, we’d traversed enough puddle-laden asphalt that our feet were soaked.

Every step was a sloppy little splash. Every step squeezed a little more icy water between our numb toes. Every step had us yearning for a dry pair of socks back home.

I slept Sunday night with wool socks on.

Pictures? Yes. I brought my GoPro! The following are animated GIFs. Click each to view, wait a few seconds for it to load, but make sure you’re on wifi because they are pretty big downloads.

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