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I neglected my video production duties last year.

If you know me, you’ve probably seen me wandering around with a camera in my hand at some point or another. Sometimes it’s me taking still photos, but frequently over the last five years I’ve been a lot more interested in making videos.

Or I was.

I mean, in 2013, I did my first year of “five second videos” wherein I pulled out a camera for at least five second of footage every day, no matter how dull or pointless or seemingly inconsequential the resulting footage. Four years later even the mundane “there’s us just sitting around” has a blossoming nostalgia value, though at the time it was admittedly a bit dull.

I repeated that effort in 2015, and not only did I produce the 12 monthly 5 second clip compilations and a giant end-of-the-year 1-second-per-day six minute epic video, but over the year many of the days of wandering around with camera at the ready produced a bunch of great footage that I rolled into three or five minute home movies.

On average from 2011 through 2015, I produced about 30 little self-contained videos each year.

Then in 2016 I did 5. That’s five. Five home movies.

See, I recorded a bunch of video. I took a ton of little clips. Hell, I even bought a brand new GoPro early in the year to grab footage from some of my epic runs.

But then I put off some of the production work, and then Sparkle died, we spent a bunch of our free time working on the renovation, and well there’s that part where life got stupid frustrating, and… yeah… just five videos and a hard drive full of raw footage.

Late in 2016 I declared my intention to follow what is now becoming my odd-year pattern: a five second per day video effort for 2017. See… seventeen… odd year…. 13… 15… 17?

And I’ve been doing great with that, except that on the weekend I noted that I had a month worth of video clips for January and I should probably keep on top of that or risk hitting 2018 with two years of backlog.

I made my “Five Second of January” video, and then tossed together a couple more standard videos from some of the richer footage days from earlier in the month. One was of afternoon skating, and another using the video footage I grabbed when we visited the ice castle. So, it’s February and I realized I’ve already got 3 videos done for 2017 and I still haven’t even watched half the raw footage from last summer, let alone two of our late-year vacations.

So, three days of sequestering myself in the basement in front of the computer, sorting through nearly a year’s worth of raw footage. I’ve worked my way pretty much up to the end of July 2016. A few more videos compiled. A few more sorted out and ready to piece together. A plan to tackle the backlog, if nothing else.

It’s a good thing it’s so cold out. It’s a good thing that rendering a video for twenty minutes is good opportunity to put some time in on my violin. It’s a good thing I need a distraction from the world these days.

I’m feeling a little less overwhelmed with a couple videos in the can, but knowing myself and my camera habits, that is going to turn itself around real fast, real soon.

Now, anyone wanna watch some home movies?

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