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7 February 02017 (9 months ago)3 minutes of your time

I know a few people who read my blog started reading it — continue reading it — because at one point I wrote a lot about running. That hasn’t exactly been the case lately, I know, and I really do have a few reasons for that, some good, some not as good.

A Good Reason: I’m on a bit of a winter running break

I’m not an Olympic athlete. I’m just a guy who runs. I’m just a dad with some free time that I devote to a sport that I love. And occasionally — I think I’ve even written about it — a guy just needs a break. I mean, even after a summer of marathon training, I’ve still been running. Just barely tho: trotting around the neighbourhoods. I’ve been plodding through the snowy trails when the weather cooperates, but I wouldn’t exactly call it training. One or two runs a week. Some vague goals. Pretty much as recreational as one can get without completely putting the legs in an elevated and reclined position.

A Bad Reason: I should be writing about my break, but I’m not

As much as I need a break from the running, I probably needed a break from the writing about running, but breaks seem to be important too, and getting my mind around that, justifying it, arguing with words in this space in favour of the time-off, running-sabbatical, x-training-vacay could have been more of a priority. You can’t just write the doubleplus good stuff.

A Good Reason: I’m not selling anything

I could be completely wrong, but I’ve always kinda pictured my writing as being a bit more genuine than some — many — other running blogs out there. I mean, I don’t make money off this website. Really. Nothing. There’s no ads. I’m not part of some multi-level vitamin supplement sales scheme. I’m not peddling a service or selling you my advice. I’m just documenting my experience. So, in a way it feels like that takes me off the hook because this isn’t a job… it’s just a thing I do.

A Bad Reason: I should be better at competing with the MLMs

That said, if I’m going to put in the effort I still like an audience and it’s getting harder and harder to compete against all the pro-bloggers out there who are hard-core, epic-running machines with five gajillion devoted followers and by the way have you tried this eight-dollar-per-can organic-vita-juice-shake-supplement grown in the jungles of Greenland that they reaaaaaaaaally love, and you should try, and “please click this link to order” ‘cuz you’re really helping them support the dream. Because even if that makes me a liberated media socialist wingnut, not everything you read should have a catch. I still believe there should just be independent places, free of “please pay me now” buzzing in your face-ness, that aren’t always trying to sell you something: I’m not. I don’t. I won’t. Well, other than an idea about a sport I love. Hopefully I never need to change that.

A Good Reason: I’m burnt out

Life. Work. Politics. I’ve been looking for a center of balance and every time I sit down at a keyboard to type something out, I enter this fray of social insanity that I’m struggling (oh-so-unsuccessfully) to ignore, and it creeps into everything I say or do or think because it’s a fundamentally outrageous part of life that, like a good long run, sometimes you feel great, sometimes you’re just plodding along, sometimes you’re cruising with the wind at your back, and sometimes you’re climbing a hill with a leg cramp. That last one is how I feel right now.

A Bad Reason: Running is my center

Or it should be. I need to remember that more.

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