You Put Your Robot Hand In… and You Shake it All About

5 January 02017 (10 months ago)2 minutes of your time

Brad’s Big Book Queue 2017 Book #4 of 25
Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

If you’re following along, this is my third science fiction novel of this year’s reading “project” and now the second to do with aliens.

I’m noticing a theme.

I mentioned in my previous post that this book fell into my lap as a Kindle ebook deal –which I usually steer clear of for undisclosed reasons of literary snobbishness I’d rather not go into here– but for a couple bucks I couldn’t help but be reminded that (a) I went into this year’s queue with an open mind and (b) if I buy everything at full price this damn reading project is going to cost me five hundred bucks by the end of the year.

Seriously: $20 x 25 books = $500.

Sleeping Giants, as it turns out is going to cost me more than the $2 discount deal price. Sadly, I enjoyed it so much that I immediate went looking for the sequel that follows up on the quasi-cliffhanger ending and … is due to be published in April. WhTA!

Short synopsis: what happens when mysterious story-tall-giant robotic body parts start appearing all over the world and geopolitical pressure converges on the effort of assembling and controlling them. I already spoiled this: it’s aliens. The aliens are behind it! But then that’s not a key part to enjoying the novel, pieced together as a kind of curated transcript and collection of after-the-fact interviews, not unlike The Martian or World War Z.

There’s a lot of speculative modern-day science fictioneering, some alien mumbojumbo and of course a bit of metaphysical “oh-this-explains-all-the-histories” tossed in for good measure, but at the end it’s a slightly-dark, but still-quite light read with enough mystery and character dev to drive the plot forward at a good pace.

Queued up…?

Do I keep promising to pick a book that isn’t science fiction? Did I write that somewhere.

I lied.

My next book, #5 in the queue, is another science fiction title: We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis Taylor, is apparently a light-hearted romp through interstellar space through the eyes of a twenty-first century start-up millionaire who finds himself dead, cryogenically frozen, and revived as a mind-in-a-machine a century later as weird science experiment by some future dystopian government.

It sounded unique.

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