Fixed: The Trouble with an Open Tonneau

8 June 02016 (1 year ago)2 minutes of your time

June 8 – Something You Have Fixed
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Having driven a fully enclosed vehicle for over a decade previous to buying another truck last year there was one little thing I hadn’t anticipated: that we are a little bit paranoid about the open bed of a truck.

I don’t like my stuff getting covered in snow. Karin keeps thinking everything is going to blow out. And Claire takes it upon herself to guard with hawk-like scrutiny anything we are hauling when we are hauling anything at all.

It’s not a paralysis-kind-of-paranoid: it’s more of the kind of “oh dammit, it looks like rain, better use the SUV instead” kind of paranoid. In other words, it’s reached the point, particularly in the winter, when we were starting to choose using Karin’s SUV for road trips versus taking the truck for road trips for no other reason than we didn’t want our suitcases wet or dirty by the time we got to where we were going.

Buy a cover… is what you’re saying right now.

Yeah. No kidding. So that’s what we did. Finally. It took a year but I finally shopped around and found an aftermarket tonneau cover that I liked, a tri-fold, quick-removing lid for the truck bed –that I can store hanging up in my garage for most of the time but– which clips on in less than five minutes for over the weekend or for taking those road trips down to wherever and back, all with our luggage or groceries safe and dry in the back.

It arrived over the weekend but I haven’t had time to get it fully set up (I’ve been painting the brackets to match my truck colour) but I think we’ll be trying it out this coming weekend. It’s supposed to rain, after all.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Good idea!

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