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21 December 02015 (2 years ago)2 minutes of your time

Here we go again… December is Blog-Every-Day Month. No guidelines. No rules. No set topic. No nothing no how. Just an article with at least one complete sentence, every day…

December 21… because winter driving is always a pain.

I will admit, my Fetch is not the most fuel efficient vehicle I’ve ever owned. It’s not terrible, but compared to the light little car I was driving previously, I’m down about twenty-five percent in my mileage since my trade in.

We offset this if only because we’re getting a different sort of utility out of the truck than we ever were from the car. Sure, I’m still using it to commute and hobble over to the rec centre for my running meetups, but — and take for example this past weekend: two trips to the toboggan hill, once with three sleds and three kids packed in. I never would have done that in the car. So, the recreational payoff is worth it.

I have been tracking mileage, however. There is a little app & website called Fuelly that I’ve been using to input my fill-ups. Buy gas then open the app and put the data in… a few months later you have a pretty little chart of your mileage: like the chart attached to this post which is a (numberless) graph of my L/100km fuel consumption over the past 3 months.

Can you tell where winter hit?

Of course, between turning on the 4×4 on the winter roads, cranking the seat heater on those chilly rides home from running, and –sadly– rarely driving far enough for the thing to properly warm up –five klicks here, a ten minute drive there– it has been burning about 15-20% more gas in the past month.

So, I guess it’s a good thing gas prices dropped about that much.

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