First Day of Snow

23 November 02015 (2 years ago)a few seconds of your time

As much as I was a little sad to see the snow, the upside was that it was my first official winter driving experience in the truck. I ended up the day by putting on a little over 60km around the city –commuting, picking up Claire, running some evening errands– all on some moderately sloppy streets. It’s dangerous out there, and I don’t want to be too cavalier about that danger, yet it was a modest comfort to be able to try out the 4×4 on the snow-and-iced suburban trails and have that comfortable feeling of near-guaranteed acceleration at an intersection, or the confidence to keep a safe speed on the freeway in thick traffic. I saw enough vehicles in ditches, and at least one truck wrapped around a light standard, so I know that confidence can get away from some folks. But some of that lingering uncertainty I had about the truck dealing with the winter is slowly melting away.

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