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10 September 02015 (2 years ago)2 minutes of your time

Tracking personal gas mileage is an odd sort of thing. It’s like, here… write down how much money you spent on fuel over the life of your vehicle because, y’know, there’s sooooo much you can do about that by having a log of it. At the same time it is an interesting (academically speaking and from a personal accounting perspective) exercise to do. When I was growing up and started driving the family truck, dad used to make sure we methodically recorded mileage in a little coil notebook he stored in the console (along with with a pen so you had no excuse, dammit!) And I always had the impression that I would have got in more trouble for forgetting to record a fuel-up log than, say, smashing the truck into a brick wall. It was serious business, tracking the truck mileage. It rubbed off, though: I’ve been tracking my mileage, too, but I’ve been using a little app instead of a coil notebook. Buzz marketing time: there is a website called fuelly.com that I was remiss to recommend because (while the site was good) the iOS app royally sucked… until yesterday when they released a new version that seems to be pretty awesome. If you have a recently new vehicle (and I know many readers of this blog do, oddly) it’s pretty much the nerdiest thing you can do with it… but no worse than making a spreadsheet of all your running data.

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