Reloaded: Creeping Into Spring Again Edition

12 April 02013 (4 years ago)5 minutes of your time

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Check the date: This post was originally published in 2013 and is kept here largely for archival purposes. Anything older than three years may contain ideas and opinions for which such a gap of time has likely reshaped, altered, softened, re-jigged, or otherwise changed those ideas and opinions to a state incongruent with my current existence.


A reloaded post is a short-and-sweet collection of the (sometimes-interlinked) randomness from my recent life, universe and everything else in between. They would be more detailed but they tend to be events lacking in either (a) details or (b) depth; Or lacking in the time to more fully record them. Enjoy.

It's — apparently — almost Spring. Well, technically it IS spring. But you wouldn't know from the weekly blizzards and the lowest-in-130-years temperatures we've been recording lately. Nevertheless, the snow is melting away in gushes of sloppy, dirty puddles, the days are getting noticeably longer, and summer seems just around the corner.

Something Sickly This Way Comes

I hesitate to label myself to firmly in the “sick” category. I've spent the last couple weeks fighting a lingering cough and stuffy nose, but other than the typical tired-all-overness that comes with a busy and productive week, I feel fine. I think it might just be some kind of allergy, what with all the snow finally giving way to the brown and rotting remnants of last year's grass. Snow mould?

dopey_largeSigned and (Should be) Committed

Lost in the vacuum that was last week's minor blogging hiatus, I neglected to post here about Dopey. If you follow me on nearly any other form of social media, or have been reading my new running blog, FEETS dot CA, you will already long since know that I gave some money to the runDisney group, filled in some forms, and signed up to run in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January.

“Marathon?” you ask.

Yeah, but as I've committed to running the Dopey Challenge, I don't get to run the marathon until I've run the 5K, 10K and half-marathons first. But hey, it's only 78.2 klicks in four days.

Lucky Shuffle

I don't normally write anything about work, and these few words aren't much anything at all except to mention that I had an awesome success this past week in my job: See, one of my projects is as a technical architectural lead in re-organizing the entire corporate intranet system, currently a time-worn jumbled mess of cluttered and out-of-date information.

I had the inspirational idea of game-ifying the staff engagement and input process, turning the usually-arduous process of getting feedback and opinion from our audience (ie. my fellow employees) into a light-weight electronic card-sorting tool. The system is very basic in the front end — essentially a click-and-drop game — but provides invaluable data when used by a wide range of people. I would have been happy getting, say, 100 people to use the tool, proffer their opinions on the data set, and therein rake in a few thousand data points to analyze. That would have been a blazing success.

But after three days, I switched my home-brewed tool down last night at the appointed time. Results: over 600 of my awesome fellow employees participated and we sorted a little over thirty-two thousand electronic cards. Wildest dreams exceeded! I doubt any of them are reading this, but if they are: you guys rock!

calendarOh, and Speaking of Running…

While I go on narcissistically bragging up my own insane commitment to running a darn-near ridiculous race, I can't neglect to mention the fact that six — yes, 6 — of my family members also signed up to run in Florida next January. That's right, not only are Karin and (then-to-be) six-year-old Claire going to run the 5 K family fun run, but both my parent-in-laws, my getting-more-respectable-by-the-day brother-in-law, and also my new (then-to-be) nine-year-old niece-in-law. There will be seven of us lined up on the start line, probably not setting record times, but all out for a five klick jog none-the-less.

I guess I'll be putting together a lot of training plans this summer.


Some of Claire's running training, if you can call it that, will likely start in a couple weeks when the fields clear up and she jumps into her first official team sport. We signed her up for the local soccer league this spring. Two nights a week she'll be chasing the black-and-white around a quarter-sized field somewhere in the neighbourhood. I'm not sure she quite gets what she's in for yet. She repeatedly tells me she doesn't know if she should play soccer because she doesn't know how: Uh, yeah… that's the point.

My daughter everyone: a perfectionist. I wonder where she gets that.

Either way, between that and us pushing hard on her new-found cycling skills of last summer, we're probably going to have an active and adventure filled spring and summer, I think, and by next January a short five klick run might not seem so out of scope.

Your Turn...

Are you tired of waiting for spring, yet? What's on your docket for the summer?

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