PhotoShootChallenge #1 – January

7 January 02009 (8 years ago)2 minutes of your time

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The problem is as follows…

If you happened to read my New Year’s Post with any detail, you may have noticed my lamentations on one particular lack of activity: photography. I quote: “Despite the fact that 2008 likely marked one of my most prolific years as a amateur photographer, I judge that I fell behind a little bit this year on my artistic growth with that regard. Sure, I took lots of photos. Sure, I moved up the classification scale with my involvement with the Fringe. And sure, I virtually filled up a hard drive with new photos. But — and this is not about new equipment — I can\’t really point to any new learning that was done this past year to improve my otherwise mediocre talents.

Add to the mix that over the past year or so a lot of people (I know you’re reading this) got new cameras they really want to put to the test.

So. On another spur of the moment whim and whimsy, I’ve opted to request readers to partake in a monthly photography challenge. Each month I will set out a theme and a challenge. Your job is to use your cameras to capture something that embodies the theme. Don’t email them to me. Come back to this post, and using the COMMENTS include your NAME and a LINK to your photo. (And if you have nowhere to host an image yourself it’s high time you figured that out. Ahem. Flickr, anyone?) The deadline is the last day of the month (January 31st) at which point I’ll figure out some way for a collective judging to take place.

No real prize. Just fame and glory in a future post, very likely the post containing the next challenge — which the WINNER gets to choose.

Ready? Only one entry per person, so choose wisely.

Theme for PhotoShootChallenge #1: The World From Above

Your Turn...

If the comments for this post are closed (which they probably are) I do welcome thoughtfully written input and feedback from my readers as Letters to the Editor. All legitimate responses to posts are reviewed and may be published as a future post with a reply.

7 thoughts on “PhotoShootChallenge #1 – January”

  1. Let’s call the other one Tiffany’s entry (although that pic is on my frame at work!)

    Here is my entry:

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