The Random Travel Writings

Caribbean: Liberty of the Seas

In November 2017, we flew to Texas, lumbered down to Galveston, and boarded the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas cruise ship for a seven day trip to Honduras and Mexico in another technology-free (not counting cameras) family sand-and-sun vacation.

Backpacking in BC

In August 2017,after months of prep we found ourselves at the trail head of the mostly famous Berg Lake trail. Five days, four nights, 23 km up (and the same back down) with about 25 km of day hiking at the top. We had a technology-free vacation on one of Canada’s largest mountains.

Disneyland, Anaheim

We were back from New York for literally 36 hours before we were on another plane, back to the USA, this time to the other coast. A weekend in Disneyland was spent (with my running bud, Ron, in tow) enjoying the parks and, yes, running another half marathon: the Run Disney Avengers half. I didn’t have much time to write about it, but we had fun.

New York, New York

In November 2016, Karin and I scooted down to New York for a weekend trip whose main purpose involved a 42.2km foot tour of the five boroughs… well, I did that with fifty thousand other runners and Karin had a much more relaxing few days in the Big Apple.

Maui, Hawaii

In February and March 2016, we spent nearly two weeks in Maui. We set up in a little condo near the beach in Kihei, did a bit a driving and a lot of swimming, ate some great food, and soaked up some sun.

Canada’s West Coast

In August 2015 we spent two weeks cruising the British Columbia asphalt: a family road trip back to our old haunts around Vancouver, the lower mainland, and Vancouver Island. Along the way we saw some familiar sites, ate some long-missed food, and caught up with many folks who’ve migrated west in recent years. These are some of the highlights.


In January 2015 we took yet another trip to California. Yes, it was Claire’s third time to Disneyland (and she’s only seven!) This time it was with cause, however: The Inaugural Run Disney Star Wars 10k and Half Marathon Weekend pulled us in with the promise of a great set of races and some Disney Geek fun.


From August 6 through 16, 2014 five of us — my parents, Karin, Claire and I — drove the Iceland ring road. Our adventures were numerous and my photos were plentiful.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

A few days after the start of 2014, we packed up and shipped out for Florida for a massive family vacation with Karin’s parents and her brother’s family, too. There were nine of us, and we spent a crazy couple weeks in Florida visting awesome parks, eating crazy food, and… oh, yeah… running in the 78.3km Dopey Challenge.

New York, New York

The first weekend in November 2013 and we had a plan: leave the kid at home with her grandmother, get on a plane, fly to New York, check out the city, take lots of pictures, eat lots of food, and enjoy the Big Apple: This is how all went, New York style:

Edmonton: Stay-Cation Vacation

Sometimes you just need a few days off. Summer hit, and with our schedules being what they were, we just never got around to booking any out-of-town trips for our week off. And then we realized: we live in an awesome city, have an awesome yard, and really just needed some time to relax. So, that is what we did. And there’s nothing saying I couldn’t write a travelogue about it… so I did.

Caribbean: Freedom of the Seas

In February 2013 we tried something a little different. We packed our bags, flew down to Florida, and hopped onto the Freedom of the Seas, a thirty-six hundred passenger mega-cruise-ship slash floating-city. We left our electronics — except for my cameras — at home. I took a break from running. And we had some family time, enjoying the sand, sun, and surf of a small handful of Caribbean ports-of-call.

Las Vegas

In December 2012, we left Claire at home with the grandparents and did a busy weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada where I ran the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon. It was three crazy days of good food, good fun, and lots of miles — walking and running.


In February and March 2012, we traveled back to California and spent a week in Disneyland. Thanks to an iPad, a keyboard, and a sick kid I spent a lot more time than I would have figured writing about our little adventure from the hotel room.

Las Vegas

In July 2011 I ventured south, across the border, WITHOUT my family for a weekend to meet up with some friends and attend that sciencey-type conference (again) in Las Vegas.


In March and April 2011 we went on a family vacation to Hawaii. I didn’t write much at the time, but spent a few posts a year later summarizing my memories of the trip.

Las Vegas

In July 2009 Karin and I scooted down south, across the border for a quick weekend of science, shows, shopping, eating, and other Vegas-type things.


In April 2007, I took my pregnant wife to London in the UK and we spent ten interesting days wandering and exploring. I reported home via some vague blog posts from random internet cafes and hotel access points.

Eastern Europe

In May 2006, Karin, Ryan and went on a multi-week tour of Eastern Europe. Part of that trip was a Contiki Bus tour, and the other part was a driving adventure in a rented car. We wrote home via a travel blog from various cafes and I later imported all those posts here for posterity. Thus I present… posterity:


In November 2004, we traveled to California and spent a couple days in Disneyland. This was, of course, long before the days of anything resembling affordable and portable blogging tools, so the only record of that trip was some wry observations upon returning.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

In May 2001, a few weeks after starting this blog and a mere month after moving out West to Vancouver, I met what would eventually be my in-laws and future wife in Florida for a week of DisneyWorld fun. I barely had the knowledge and technology to write this blog from home let alone while on vacation, so this is little more than a recap of the adventure told upon our return.