Apparently I’m old fashioned and I like a good old personal blog run by one guy and holding it’s own on the web’s dank corners and fuck all that social media bullshit.

Hitting your late 40s will do that to you.

Eventually, I’ll probably write something here worth reading.

Until then. Meh.

That said, some basics:

images on this site will be limited. My focus here will be on words and writing, and also the server I’m running this from is not intended to host media, so wordpress is going to push it to its limits and serving a bunch of pictures to pretty up the words seems like it might not only detract from the words but bring down the whole site. So. Use your imagination.

comments are going to stay open (for now) but if readers feel like they need to jump in and start being pricks because I’ve left the door open a bit, I’m not inclined to leave those comments open. In other words, participation is in flux and based on how positive the experience remains.

copyright pretty much goes without saying, as that I’m writing and posting stuff here that is jibberjabber emerging from my own mind, if you feel like you need to steal, borrow, repost, scrape or incorporate my words into your shitty generative AI that at least you can grow the fuck up and attribute me like a decent human being.