Scenarios have been playing around

Scenarios have been playing around in my mind for the last few months: I want to write something about pirates. The quantity of new pirate literature seems to have dropped to dangerously low levels in recent years. (If someone knows of any, please pass it along as I would be interested in reading it.)

The problem with writing pirate stories, however, is that I have no real first-hand experience with actual flesh-and-blood pirates. Admittedly I have been on the Caribbean, cruising about on a seven-day excursion that I’m sure would have some relevance if that’s the kind of story I wanted to write. I could also call upon Deven here at the office, who having been born in Trinidad would be a fount of useful knowledge. But again, I don’t think THAT is the kind of pirate story I am aiming towards. Additionally, Karin did take me on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World last spring, which provided a handful of plastified-inspiration and a little “pirate mickey” who is now sitting comfortably on my bookshelf. But I will emphasize again: I don’t think THAT is what I am trying to accomplish.

The pirate story I am thinking about is something a little more modern. I won’t be so cliche as to try and write yet another story about digital pirates, stealing copyrighted music and software, nor about hackers breaking thru the inane security of some trival webpage: who is really going to care about that kind of thing when reading on the literature of the twenty-first century at some distant point in the future. I also don’t want to fall into some space battling techno-pirates pulp that could so-easily be converted into yet another trek episode. But then where?

Wrap: to make a long story short, and considering that my lunch break is now coming to a close… I’m thinking and I don’t know what that thought exactly is yet, but it is starting to materialize into something. What? I’ll write as things become more clear. As a side note, I stumbled upon someone else’s hackled blog, as he struggles to formulate these types of writings into a novel of sorts. It’s cool.

epic diversions

The epic diversions of a well planted thought begin with a single word: not that I know what that word is, else I should have written it long ago, and followed it with a thousand more to craft some twisting tale of life among the crazed. I hope one day that some of my lesser thoughts should amount to something other than bytes in a sea of digital chaos. If it were simple everyone would be sucessful. I say “successful” as – looking amongst this rolling ocean of lost orders – it is simple to find many people trying. I don’t know if I might be one of those. I truth I can browse through the folders and files, documents and illusioned pages of data that are translated into words that I once wrote. There are many. And many of those are readable. Many more are bearable. But most are worthy of the trash bin.