Princess Leia’s Theme

Day: 107
Practice Logged: 70 hours
Feeling: sad

December 28

This is far from perfect, but I spent a good hour learning to play it today. A few minor mistakes, but the song has a wookie-load of accidentals… and I’d like to see Han Solo play as good with only three and half months of practice.

RIP Carrie Fisher :(

O’ Christmas Tree

A second holiday short for today’s rendition of “The Scratchy Beginner Viloinyst Shares His Progress“, and then maybe we’ll move onto some other music after the season no longer encourages me to butcher these oh-so-famous standards.

O’ Christmas Tree

We were driving around yesterday and I was rambling on and on about my violin, and we were talking about the value of playing different kinds of music: the value that Christmas music has in my practice (as I see it) is that because I know the song so well, it’s so familiar, it lets me re-allocate a little focus to other aspects of playing.

So, when Christmas is over it’s back to the much less familiar Suzuki books… unless… and this would be the only reason I’d ever buy one of these books, I can see a collection of, say, Disney songs having the same sort of value: simple, familiar and allowing me to refocus my practice on things like technique, form and fingering in lieu of trying to grok the song at the same time.

Silent Night

Continuing the theme of scratchy beginner holiday music, I dug into my compendium of Christmas classics and practiced this short rendition of…

Silent Night

I’ve been focusing on two things for the last month or so: (a) the assignments given to me by my instructor, which are pretty much me progressing through the Suzuki books, and (b) some pieces from a big book of holiday standards, all of them with piano accompaniment which Karin has been practicing along with me… apparently she’s got a performance planned somewhere soon.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

So this is new. I’ve decided to add a new kind of post to this blog: recordings.

Impressed yet?

I hope not too much. As a beginner violinyst who has opted to use data and technology to help myself improve, public accountability is a big part of that. So I’ve been recording myself on video or on audio (using some very basic tools, like a GoPro or my iPhone.) And I’m going to be posting those audio clips here, collected.

Stay tuned. And let me know what you think.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful