Feedback for the Author

As a writer I do value constructive feedback. I’ve written some pieces of fiction, but published very little of it.

In November 2015, I participated in NaNoWriMo, and in the span of one month cranked out a solid –but very rough draft– of a novel that I think has potential to be published someday. Maybe that is a small run with a few dozen readers. Maybe it’s much bigger. Who can say.

In that vein, I am soliciting feedback from anyone who has read bits or all of it. Unlike my other Letters to the Editor form, this one will take anonymous constructive feedback (though if you have something really unnecessarily hateful to write at me, know that I will flush your words into the waste bin to hell and send anonymous bad karma vibes right back into the ether).

Constructive feedback may include:

– making note of grammatical or spelling mistakes
– saying something makes no sense, and explaining why
– pointing out errors in continuity, consistency, or story logic
– identifying gaps
– noting redundancies that upset the story flow

Share Your Insights

If you do choose to send me your name –and supposing that my work ever does anything or gets published– I will do my best to give you a credit for your input in the acknowledgements.

And please note: Anything submitted through this form that is deemed to be hateful, derogatory, or otherwise unnecessarily inflammatory will be published on the wall of shame regardless of the attributional state, at the editor’s discretion and censorship (where necessary.) Be warned.