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This might be the blog you’re looking for. Skepdad was this guy who tried really hard to be a good and rationally-minded parent, but often balked at the irrationalities of the world around him. I wrote a blog specifically devoted to that topic for about four years, but couldn’t keep pace with the demands for new material while simultaneously living the values I was espousing in my writing. Effectively it came down to this: there are no easy answers to this fatherhood thing. I opted to shutter that blog and focus on storytelling about my life and other interests in this blog alone. Sometimes skepdad peeks out from the curtain, and those posts — and many of the old skepdad archives — live here.

Debunking the “New Math” Fear

featured | school & learning | skepdad 

[ 30 Mar 02014 | 103 views | 4 minutes of your time ]

It’s simply not the epic failure some are making it out to be.

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Of Doodles & Debates: Science Vs Not-Science

opinions & venting | scientist & skeptic | skepdad 

[ 7 Feb 02014 | 740 views | 3 minutes of your time ]

If you already think you have the picture in your head and you’re not willing to change it, then a true debate can never really happen.

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So, we’ve looked and we’ve looked and we can’t find it. See, each week, Claire’s grade one class does library day. They get to pick out two books: an English book and a French book. They check them out, and are supposed to bring them home and read them, then bring them back one week later. This week, however, one of her books has gone missing. I don’t even remember that she brought it home to be honest, and though we’ve looked, turning the house upside down, we can’t seem to find it anywhere. The replacement fee: $15. The question then pops up: do we pay… or does she? Do we pull the mean parenting trick of “you lost it, so it comes out of your allowance” — which is like two months worth of chores for her, and dips into the cash she’s been diligently saving for our upcoming vacation — or do we compromise and find some other solution and fitting punishment… if anything? After all, it may be that I’m the one who put it somewhere when I was cleaning up and my age-addled brain has plum forgot.

[ 22 Oct 02013 | asides & shorts | fatherhood | skepdad | Comments Off]
100 Things: On School, Immersion, and Second Languages

fatherhood | school & learning | skepdad 

[ 29 Aug 02013 | 391 views | 3 minutes of your time ]

My baby girl (*sniff*) starts into the first grade in a matter of days. “Real school…” as we’ve referred to it quite a lot recently.

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100 Things: Trees, Rocks & Funny Little Flowers

city & culture | fatherhood | skepdad 

[ 7 Aug 02013 | 339 views | 3 minutes of your time ]

Living in what Wikipedia tells us is “the northernmost North American city with a metropolitan population over one million” it is a simple thing to step outside and find wilderness.

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Tommy the Froggy: A Tale of Suburban Conservationism?

critters | home & garden | skepdad 

[ 29 May 02013 | 362 views | 4 minutes of your time ]

We shuttled Tommy the Froggy into a little jar and got on our grubbies for the walk over to the sure-to-be-muddy pond.

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100 Things: Five Kilometers With Mickey Mouse

fatherhood | running | skepdad 

[ 24 Apr 02013 | 1,047 views | 4 minutes of your time ]

The gun will fire, the crowd will roar across the start line, and inside of forty, maybe fifty minutes, we’ll be posing for pictures with our medals and eating our post-race snacks.

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100 Things: Rockets, Rides & Random Space Junk

fatherhood | skepdad | travel & holidays 

[ 18 Feb 02013 | 744 views | 5 minutes of your time ]

A few months ago we booked a cruise vacation leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida, a little chunk of land that is in booster-exhaust-sniffing range of one Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.

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Confirmation Bias: The Power to Control Light Itself

scientist & skeptic | skepdad | weird & whimsical 

[ 11 Jan 02013 | 520 views | 4 minutes of your time ]

Funny is more of an apt description for what our minds will convince us of when we need to find a pattern or an explanation for something.

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Strange New Worlds…

fatherhood | scientist & skeptic | skepdad 

[ 8 Nov 02012 | 5,403 views | 3 minutes of your time ]

But “very cool” to a thirty-something year old science geek and “very cool” to a five year old girl are very different things, indeed.

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100 Things: Introductory Microscopy

fatherhood | scientist & skeptic | skepdad 

[ 14 Oct 02012 | 1,288 views | 4 minutes of your time ]

…all of it leading to me digging out my Sears-brand Junior Microscope Set from back when I was a young’un, dusting it off and seeing what happened.

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5 Stay-cation Activities for Geeky Dads

fatherhood | skepdad | travel & holidays 

[ 22 Jul 02012 | 1,019 views | 5 minutes of your time ]

The doting, geeky father that I am, thought I would share some thoughts not only on how we\’ll be spending some of our father-daughter time over this particular break, but that I would do so in the form of a handy list.

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