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Shortly after my daughter was born, I registered for a clinic to learn how to run. I’m not fast, but I’ve run about 8,500 klicks in the last nine years… and written a whole lot more words about it.

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Between marathon training and kicking off a major renovation project, probably the "sleep" icon... if only I could actually click it.
a sums & pieces for 20 Oct 02016
# I'm excited too, but the day-by-day countdown to NYC Marathon on their Facebook feed is really giving me the jitters.
18 Oct 02016 at ten past nine am
Goal Busting
Goal Busting
16 Oct 02016
Somewhere I crossed an invisible finish line.
Panic Mode Start: One Month Until Race Day

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6 Oct 02016 | 71 views | 2 minutes of your time

This thing is getting very real.

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Lately? Caffeine and Gatorade. Anything that has some electrolytes, really. Precious, precious electrolytes.
a sums & pieces for 6 Oct 02016
Tempo Tuesday… on Wednesday
8 km
Tempo Tuesday… on Wednesday
5 Oct 02016
It's just the result of actually training.
Race Pace(ish)
15 km
Race Pace(ish)
1 Oct 02016
There was no time for a nap.
Sunsets & Hills
9.5 km
Sunsets & Hills
27 Sep 02016
Things sometimes come to strange ends, some predictable & others far less so.
Three-Quarter Marathon
31.6 km
Three-Quarter Marathon
24 Sep 02016
The wind didn't cooperate.
Electrolyte Test Drive
6 km
Electrolyte Test Drive
23 Sep 02016
It's just me trying it out.
A fresh pair of runners that are probably going to be my trusty companions through 42.2 km of New York asphalt.
a sums & pieces for 21 Sep 02016

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