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Shortly after my daughter was born, I registered for a clinic to learn how to run. I’m not fast, but I’ve run about 7,000 klicks in the last eight years… and written a whole lot more words about it.

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A fresh pair of runners that are probably going to be my trusty companions through 42.2 km of New York asphalt.
a sums & pieces for 21 Sep 02016
Unexpectedly Tempo
Unexpectedly Tempo
20 Sep 02016
I didn't actually have a plan.
Two Bandits, Four Races & Lots of Stairs
29 km
Two Bandits, Four Races & Lots of Stairs
17 Sep 02016
... and still so far away from my peak distance.
5.4 km
14 Sep 02016
I dragged my reluctant butt out for a late-evening run.
Fueling NYC

I’ve settled on my fuel plan for New York. I’ve been training with this product called Infinit Nutrition, trying out a couple of their sport drink blends on my longer runs (which are now consistently up in the high twenties for distance.) My completely unscientific assessment is that (a) I’m feeling better between runs (recovery) than I remember feeling between runs last time and (b) they don’t give me the gurgles in my tum-tum. On that anecdotal evidence alone, I ordered a customized formula from their website, tweaking the mix to what I think I need to balance out the last few nagging doubts in my training for the home stretch, and bring it home to the NYC finish line in November. The only thing that’s got me worried now is what kind of documentation I might need to carry a small bag of white powder across the border later this year. It’s sports drink. No… really.

14 Sep 02016 | asides & shorts | running
Attempts at a Midlife Crazy

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10 Sep 02016 | 82 views | 5 minutes of your time

…it seemed like something I would never even try because of the perceived cost of time, money, and energy.

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Acutely On Track

I don’t know what it says about my training, or what it leaves out, but y’know how I track my annual goal distance for running each year and keep apprised of if I’m ahead or behind? Well, simply, I’m ahead. And officially, if I check forward a couple months (because I AM a couple months ahead) technically… just merely technically… I could skip any and all runs between now and New York, and (assuming I could still run NYC) never dip into the red on my annual tally. It’s just math, but that’s a comfortable mental space to be training in at the moment.

8 Sep 02016 | asides & shorts | running
5 Things That Worry Me About Running After 40ish

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2 Sep 02016 | 80 views | 6 minutes of your time

There is this acknowledgement that sometimes the trail changes, gets steeper, curves in a way that you weren’t quite expecting…

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Double Half

It felt like a good training weekend. I have been looking down the barrel at this approaching marathon –just over two months to go– and realizing that I need to start, actually start not just plan to start, cranking up my distance. So I went out on Friday morning (day off) and planning to run about 15 klicks, detoured and ended with a sprint a few blocks from my house at a solid twenty-one point one. Sunday, I was anticipating a bunch of post-marathon washouts from my crew, but Mary followed me for a mid-distance adventure and we trolled a half dozen bridges and clocked a solid twenty-three (though my watch blipped and erased the last three hundred meters!) Two halves, made for just over a full marathon over the weekend. Central Park in November doesn’t feel quite as unreachable this morning.

29 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | running
The running dreams have begun as NYC Marathon sneaks ever closer: I dreamed I was struggling to get to the start line, and when I ran I got lost in the basement of Central Perk cafe. Oi!
a sums & pieces for 28 Aug 02016
I stood at a traffic intersection blocking angry drivers at last week's marathon for seven and a half hours.
a sums & pieces for 25 Aug 02016

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