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Way back in 2007 — after a mere nine months of warning — some doctor handed us a little bundle of blankets with a baby inside and suggested we go home and figure it out.

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Tryin’ a Tri : Kid Motivation Edition

fatherhood | featured | sport & fitness 

15 Aug 02016 | 73 views | 3 minutes of your time

And I had this thought in my head that she’d push through it all, no matter the pain or whatever.

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Into the ‘Thon

fatherhood | featured | gamer | pop-culture 

8 Aug 02016 | 79 views | 2 minutes of your time

I did the necessary dad duty and took her to a convention over the weekend.

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To Tell Others: That I’ve Got A Smart Kid

fatherhood | featured | school & study 

29 Jun 02016 | 139 views | a few seconds of your time

They don’t hand out great marks to every kid, do they?

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Listening To: Bagpipes


19 Jun 02016 | 110 views | a few seconds of your time

By majority rule we’re a dance family.

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Thinking About: Kids who read the News

abstract & thinking | fatherhood 

16 Jun 02016 | 145 views | 2 minutes of your time

What would motivate them to want to consume news, anyhow?

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Reading: How to Solve a Rubiks Cube

fatherhood | gamer 

13 Jun 02016 | 118 views | 2 minutes of your time

She’s been a little obsessed lately.

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Claire is suddenly into card games, so I taught her to play cribbage. Lots and lots of cribbage.
a sums & pieces for 12 Jun 02016
A random phone pic at a random dance show where I captured Claire in a state of random and perfect joy at the conclusion of the number. I love that shot.
a sums & pieces for 31 May 02016

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