Making Tracks

I came home from running a long, hard training run and Claire says to me: “I’ve been waiting all morning for you, dad? Do you know why?”

“Why?” I say as I prepare some desperately needed calories for my lunch.

“Because we need to make another Minecraft video.” She says, and then I notice that she’s already got the laptop and cable in her hands and a big guilt-filled grin spread across her face.

What is a dad to do in that situation? “Alright.” I nod. “But let me eat my sandwich first, okay?”

If I sound a bit groggy in this episode, you can take comfort knowing that an hour later I was napping on the couch and being punished by my body for this morning’s exercise.

So, enjoy episode 5… suffering was had in its making:

A Walking Tour of Tealand

We’ve been playing a lot Minecraft lately. In fact, after I figured out that we could multiplayer it over the LAN using the Steam Link, we’ve been dabbling almost exclusively between bouts of Minecraft and Disney Infinity.

So, when we started recording these videos, Claire has been pretty adamant that she wanted to make a video in one of our existing worlds. Thus: Raspberry Tealand, the world named after the fact that we had made ourselves some raspberry tea moments before starting this world and –well– it seemed like a clever name.

We’ve only spent a couple months building in this world, but we thought we’d take you on a quick walking tour of Raspberry Tealand where we hope to keep working on some epic builds, all in Episode 1 of our second series: