Epic Collections

After many years of blogging, I’ve taken to aligning a great many of my thoughts and writings along a variety of themes and episodic collections. These, themselves, fall into a variety of categories: some very specific, some very vague, and I’ve tried to inventory those that have started to become topic-based hubs into some of the various menus and feature spaces here.

But I thought it might also be useful to compile a list right here, too:

Calendarized Writing Projects

… are posts that are scheduled for certain months or days of the year — like New Years or Special Occasions — and ideally written while I am well aware of that schedule and for a specific purpose about that schedule.

Episodic Posts

… are posts collected over the years, usually put together on a theme or similar topic, but with no other connecting factor other than that they were written in a similar style or against a similar “question” or “prompt” … and they rarely occur on any sort of routine schedule.

Topic Driven Collections

…tend to be wholly disconnected posts for which I’ve found a reoccurring topic that interconnects them and makes them interesting as part of a larger collection or potentially as something of a sub-blog.

Core Categories

…are my main categories for writing — and thinking about — and for the time being the primary focus for about eighty percent of the words that make up this blog. They have also been conveniently colour coded inside my latest (2012) template redesign.