Updated, May 2011

Starting in early 2010 I took a long break from blogging. A long break. Over a year long. Something like fourteen months long, as a matter of fact.

My reasons were varied, but revolved in large part around some (a) vulnerability I was feeling as a result of having taken (and a then still-ongoing) shit-kicking in my career and (b) having hung some opinions out in the wind and had not only my opinions challenged, but seemingly my right to have opinions challenged. So, like any raving fool, I closed shop: locked the doors, unplugged the phones, and swallowed the keys.

And I sat back and let life just happen.

You have enemies?
That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

Winston Churchill

The thing is, as the old adage goes, time heals all wounds.

Things are back on track in my career. I’ve toughened up my hide and asserted a kind of fuck-you attitude towards folks who think it’s their duty and/or right to bully the world to their point of view, or lack thereof. And I’ve had a year to distance myself from the grind of writing pointless drivel.

Some of my reasons for coming back to this now-ten-year-old blog are summed up nicely in a post I wrote from my phone early this morning. Other reasons, I might just keep to myself. But either way, I’m writing again and much of the following still holds true:

written sometime in 2007…

You’ll read a lot here. Some of it is crap. The rest is bullshit. I know. Everyone is entitled to an opinion — and that is only true when the opinion matches those who agree with you.

I made the decision to write the things I wrote here in various states of mind. Some good. Some bad. Some mental. Some not so much. This blog is old: nearly five years old, in it’s various forms, if only because I decided at one point that a change in location does not warrant a lack of disclosure. I incorporated the original scribblings, with lost.in.vancouver, with bradgarten: and that’s what this is. You can see that for yourself. That means a lot of things:

1) If you are going to hold me accountable for words I wrote five years ago, good. I wrote them. If you didn’t I wouldn’t think you worthy of reading this, even though (as I mentioned right at the start) it’s all crap. Just know that like so many people wandering this planet my brain is in a state of high-dynamics: changing and melding new ideas. A static mind is a dead mind. Or it might as well be. Learn, live, express, change, think, express, share, yearn, write, express, rethink, reimagine, discard, realign, and express some more. Either that, or move to China.

2) Speaking of China, this blog is banned there: I used to work above the consulate office in Vancouver. Everyday the Falun Dafa dudes would be parked in front of the office on their mats. I wrote about it: opinionated. That’s a thought crime in some places.

3) Speaking of thought crimes: never pick the loser. Or at least never write about the loser because then you’d be just like this blog. Challenged by the winner. I used to write a lot about politics. How else does one form an opinion but to write it down, share it, have it bashed, mangled, and realigned forcibly? I don’t think it’s possible. If you hold me account to that, then fine: we understand each other.

4) Everything else is crap, too. Words are words, and words are just more words. Some people talk. Others write. I don’t talk very much, so it’s all gotta squeeze out somewhere.

5) And speaking of writing. You are entitled to an opinion. It’s called comments. And it’s a free country, so say what you want. If I disagree I won’t necessarily delete it, but if it’s insulting, cruel, wrong, or just plain hits me the wrong way don’t expect it to be there long. I do TRY to respond to all the comments I get. If I don’t respond right away, however, you might have either (a) hit me at a busy time, (b) commented too much in which case I’m ignoring you, or (c) pissed me off — in which case I’m busy crafting a polite PFO.