Sixty-five K

I’ve been writing. A lot.

That’s a good thing. The novel writing month of November, the NaNoWriMo challenge, came and went and I “won” which simply means I wrote a lot of coherent words that totalled fifty-thousand before the end of the month—and then I kept on writing.

As of this morning my book, of which I am nearly done the first part, is totalling about sixty-five thousand words, give or take.

I’ve been doing some light editing.

I’ve been adding to it with some regularity (the last couple days being a sad exception for various reasons which I won’t get into here).

And I’ve been thinking how good it feels to crank out about a thousand words virtually every day.

Which could be bad news. Or good. Depends on your perspective.

It’s the middle of December, and it’s about this time of year when I start thinking of all the things I should be “resolving” to do in the new year. Like. Should I write more? Like. What would it look like if I resolved to write more? Like. How could I make myself write every single day of the three hundred and sixty-six (it’s a leap years) days in 2024? Like. Could I have a “write every day” resolution and see how well it sticks?

I almost fell into the trap of making a new website for this, but then—

I’m just gonna do it.

1000 x 366 in 2024. Stay tuned.





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