podcast fiction

I’ve been writing.

It’s a compulsion, but it is somehow, deep down, my life purpose. To write something. And ultimately I probably somewhere, somehow care if it is eventually published, but at the end of the day the exercise of putting words into the white spaces of paper, digital or dead-tree, is fulfillment of that compulsion.

I suppose I do want to publish something, but it occurred to me that there are mediums beyond the typical approach of string words together and hoping someone wants to pry open a book or a file and read what I wrote.

I’ve been thinking about podcast fiction.

See, there is this audio medium with which I’m familiar with but for which it has never really occurred to me could be a serious outlet for my creative efforts.

Just like I used to post a weekly comic strip, serializing my creative efforts into a modern medium to be consumed in bite sized chunks and created in a rolling format, it makes me curious to understand the implications of what it means to write in a way that it similar to this.

To write a serialized story, based around characters, and like a regular soap-opera, perhaps monthly or on another schedule, release a next episode of the story that builds across time and space.

So, I’ve been writing.

And in my mind I’m not writing to be read right now. I’m writing to be recorded and downloaded and consumed with ears and imagination.

When and how and what that ultimately looks like is still in the design stages, but…





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