part three

Let’s recap.

In part one of this saga, having just days prior made an exit from my job of thirteen years, the family and I boarded a plane to London. Following that was three weeks of European adventuring, photography, sketching, food, museums, wandering, trains, tours, and fun.

In part two the epic saga continued as I settled into a summer of casual parenting, entertaining a teenager whilst whittling away the hours in the backyard, on the trails, and about the city. Marathon training continued, but went askew from the original plan as races, more travel, and smokey days intervened.

Thus begins part three. September arrived, the long weekend passed, and school begins for another year. All but I have settled back into the long routines of a new yearly cycle. The marathon is about four weeks away marking the duration of this part, and during that time I’ll need to learn to be regularly productive, find hours to run distances, practice my skills for fun and purpose, and fill my days with meaningful effort, growth, and mental healing.

And so it goes, and the saga continues.





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