motivational moments

Now that I’ve been off work for a few weeks and back from vacation for nearly as long as we were out of the country in the first place, I’m mentally scrambling to try and settle my mind into some kind of productive routine.

It’s all well and good to make up lists of the goals and tasks you are hoping to accomplish with an abundance of free time. It’s another thing completely to dive in and start tackling those goals and tasks with any sort of structure.

That’s the tricky part, right?

Actually doing the “stuff” that you set out to do.

Part of the motivation in rekindling this old website (into a brand new website with brand new posts) was to attempt to recreate some of those self-motivational moments. In other words, if I find myself writing about the stuff I’m doing, I might be motivated to do more stuff.

The hardest part, after all, is just putting on your shoes and stepping out the front door. If I start making plans a few days in advance by thinking about and then writing about them, well, it seems like that just might be the kick in the ass that I need to start whittling away that list a little more actively.

Or maybe I’ll just start staring at my keyboard instead of the backyard.





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