hashtag, introduction (sort of)

Writing is my refuge.

Until I stopped, I had filled a website at this exact domain name with trivial thoughts. That site lasted for about sixteen years. It was decommissioned for a hundred good reasons. And I moved on to write other places, niche blogs, on a variety of topics: outdoor life, cooking, art, video games, books, whatever.

But I always sort of missed this space.

A space to just write trivial thoughts.

A little more than a month ago I handed in my resignation at work. I quit that job for a hundred good reasons, but in doing so negated about ninety-five of the reasons I stopped blogging on that old site.

See where this is going?

Writing is my refuge and publishing a general-purpose, personal blog is something I need right now to gather my thoughts, steady my motivation, and cement my reality into a space that exists somewhere outside my own head.

Simply, I just need a place to write some stuff down every day. A journal.

So. I’m back.





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