doing stuff daily

I’ve managed to fill my days.

Part of my worry for this sabbatical-thing I’m doing was that I would find it a little too easy to park on the couch and burn through hours of Netflix or video games or whatever.

I’ll be the first to admit that the big adventure-type stuff I’d keyed into in my early planning has been a little slower to manifest. Part of that is general fatigue. Part of that is parenting obligations. Part of that is getting my mind around money and spending.

But the little stuff is coming together great. Going for long walks. Keeping up with the yardwork. Doing more reading, and a bit of writing, meeting up with friends, and putting in volunteer hours. Those things have been finding a groove in the day-to-day.

The gap I need to address (but mostly just for my own self) is around writing. I have this notion in my head that if my list of daily accomplishments included more than a step count or keeping the dirty dishes from piling up, that if that list included putting words on paper that somehow I’d be fulfilling a core promise of this career break.

That is to say, part of me sees becoming a Creative Guy as core to the change I’m trying to manifest through this opportunity. We can talk about the reality of that at length, shuffle along the trail of logistics and other bits that need to align for me to become a published author or a creative independent of some kind. But that reality will not manifest through yard work. That reality only has a shot with practice, effort, and daily accomplishment of tangential goals. In other words, I need to start a practice of daily writing. Soon.

Deep breath.





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