Almost 18 Years

When you’ve been keeping an online journal for so long, it’s tough to pick a point to just stop writing it.

Sometimes that happens more naturally than you expect. I haven’t been writing here much at all this past year,and you’ve probably stopped checking it.

That’s fine. The world is not much for bloggers these days. When I started in 2001 it was a trending, eclectic thing to do. And when I stop, mere hours before 2019, it’s a weird, old-fashioned, eclectic thing to do.

But if there was ever a time — the world has changed, my role in the world has changed, my relationships with people and how they may view my words have changed — it is now.

I’m not going offline. This is not goodbye. I’m going to be writing more elsewhere. I’m going to be posting more carefully and professionally and hobby-ishly. I’m going to try some more fiction. I’m going to dabble in bigger topics than this narcissistic navel gazing. But still writing. This is merely the final entry in this project.

So long. And thanks for reading.

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