Lost Little Mittens

I am being abundantly cautious, I know, but even as I was stepping out the front doors of the rec center on my first serious run in two weeks (the 3 klick tester doesn’t count) two different people asked me if “I really thought I should be running this morning?”

I’ve been virtually symptom-free for three days. I think I’ll cope. And I’m only going five klicks, I said.

And that was about enough. We looped down along the regular lake-side route, swung down through the neighbourhood, and as everyone else was dodging along the path for another five… eight… ten klicks, Jenn and I turned back towards the coffee waiting back at home base.

Five and a half. No coughs. And it felt (cautiously) okay. And with the temperatures of my upcoming run looking to be a little warmer for a few weeks, maybe a temporary pause in winter running will help things settle even more.

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