1. Mike

    Great post. I really want to do the dopey in 2016. I’ve ran every distance except a marathon. Do you have any good training tips and what workouts to avoid? Thanks.

    • Thanks Mike!

      I was given so many different pieces of advice over the last year as I was training, it’s tough to sort out what worked and what didn’t. I think I’d definitely get a marathon done prior to doing Dopey. And I think the biggest thing about how I trained was not so much the distance, but the confidence part: running 4 races in a row is intimidating because you can just do it and go home to collapse or rest or take time off. I ran a couple “simulations” in the months leading into the race… ie, four days of running not the full distances but close ( http://blog.8r4d.com/2013/11/08/replicating-dopey-but-cold ) and I think after I’d done that something clicked in my brain that made it seem much less impossible for the following months of training.

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