1. Stephen

    If you are using a good furniture wood glue with good wood joints, then it will be strong enough. If you are not confident with the glue holding it and providing stability, you can also glue the cubes to a plywood backing (except the edge cubes).

  2. Stephen

    I use a general carpenters wood glue (e.g. http://www.homedepot.ca/product/carpenters-glue-400ml/947873). With a good joint and the right amount of glue, the joint can actually be stronger than some of the uncut woods.

    You are essentially making a 5 cutting boards and putting them together to make a table. If you are looking for tips, there are many websites on making cutting boards. Your project is quite similar to what this guy does, but in 3D:
    I think you will like the space invaders cutting boards.

    Keep posting progress as you add the next 1156 cubes.

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