1. Well, in a professional career, the best you can hope for is a bonus. I’ll take that prospect over a tip. Also, inject banner ads in your company of employment’s applications and websites for a secondary revenue stream.

    But seriously, two things that irk me: seeing “American Express recommends …” on a tipping card during a tourism-related activity (like a cruise), and requests for tips via interac in canned experience places like Booster Juice, where I expect to go in, pay for a smoothie, and get said smoothie.

    • I honestly have no expectations of being tipped in my current job… fair compensation and benefits got me covered. But as a public servant there is no such thing as a bonus.

      And yeah, don’t even get me started on point-of-sale “Add Tip” prompts at fast food stalls and the like. What am I tipping for exactly? And what’s next? A tip button on a vending machine?

      Alternatively for the WIN, while I don’t really eat McD’s I do occasionally get my morning coffee there. No tip button, but you can toss your change into a donation box for one of their charities.

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