1. I don’t shed a tear every time I send an email. Sure, I am excited when something resembling a letter or personal correspondence comes in the mail, but the mail system is still there if I choose to use it. Microblogging and MicroDrivel is the email to blogging’s postal-mail.

    I see one difference in facebook vs a blog though, its more of a continuous non-stop dialog with people at best, and not intended to exclusively provide the same service(s) as a blogging platform does. From your post, I have to imagine you have dominant expectations that facebook is for you to produce content. I go to facebook with the main expectation to consume content. I go to your blog with the sole expectation of consuming content, and I go to my blog (when I do) with the sole expectation of producing content. Its a different tech for a different purpose. But hey, the postal system is still standing…

    • Elevate, man! Think big, bold, strong, forever. Empower your mind to do great things. Expect NOTHING but the best of everyone, demand it, and don’t let others make excuses for failing to try to excel. That’s the only way we get better — individually, together, united, whatever. That’s the only way we don’t sink into a mundane, disposable, forgettable existence.

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