1. Do you want the game to tell you a story and provide you an immersive environment? Would you prefer to be taken along for the ride while someone else plays/tells you how to play?

    I sometimes play games by relying too much on the minimap, effectively not getting familiar with the actual terrain in front of my character. I have on one occasion followed a strategy guide, and found I was too reliant on it to stop having it hold my hand while I try to explore on my own. I have certainly looked up online game faqs though, when I have beat my head against the wall enough in trying to solve a puzzle or mission, to get me going again. I consider it cheating, but I also consider it ‘keeping me from never playing the game again’.

    I’m also typically not keen on discovering the minutia of a game, but that’s where a guide and its wholesale inventory seems like a novel fit for someone who is.

    • That’s the other thing. I’ve found a few places where the guide was lacking, so I went to the wiki instead — albeit less convenient when I’m in-game (or in bed.) So many games now very quickly appear and an extensive community wiki grows shortly after and as folks explore. The reputation of game guides as cheat manuals already limits their audience, so I wonder how long before wikis and faqs online make these things obsolete.

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