1. Harper: “My friends, such an illegitimate government would be a catastrophe, for our democracy, our unity and our economy, especially at a time of global instability.”

    Brad: Illegitimate? No. Mr. Harper, had you won a majority, we could fairly call this a coup. Given that you have a minority, the mathematical majority is only divided by a difference of opinion. Giving that collection a reason to unite against you and legally cooperate to become a functional majority, you can just bully your way out of a basic math equation. Not a coup. Catastrophe? No. Mr. Harper, had you presented an actual plan to address the coming tidal wave of economic disaster, we could have perhaps thought you meant this country well. The catastrophe was your choice to pick politics over economics. Global instability? Yes. Mr. Harper, good on you for mixing your lies with a grain of truth. But what people need to know is that the biggest bouts of global instability have historically been treated with a healthy dose of coalition politics: See, Churchill, WWII.

  2. Shirley Salomons

    True. What about the Bloc who are looking at this as a way to a sovereign Quebec? The leader just stated that on the News tonight.

  3. Dad S

    I spent the morning listening to Rex Murphy at the Capri Hotel in Red Deer. I think the comments from “Rex Murphy’s Viewpoint” on the CBC News Dec 1/08 sums it up quite well. Conservative arrogance and Liberal partisan politics and only in Canada would we bow down and entertain a separtist party running a country they don’t even want to be part of. In Duceppee’s own words today he stated this will enable his party to get one step closer to a sovereign Quebec and if that works he is for it. Only in Canada – Eh!


    Also note that none of the parties got over 50% of the people’s votes.
    Only one poll taken to date on this mess and it has been done in Quebec. Ironic.
    It will take the new coalition till March / April to get a budget out and by then many Canaadians will not care as they huddle in line at the food banks. Give it three months and I predict we will be voting anyway so let’s get on with it and let the people decide. We will ultimatley get it right sooner or later. Dion is done in May anyway so who do we want next. Perhaps this time people will come out and vote and not be so Canadian (apathetic). The whole circus is akin to tying 3 cats together by the tail and hoping they will all play nicely together. It will get messy.

  4. Of course. And the coalition is by nature doomed to failure. But this isn’t about a coalition. This is about a firm kick in the nuts to a schoolyard bully (Harper) who sucks up to the teachers (the electorate) before class (campaign trail) but who immediately walks out into the playground and starts slapping the other kids around. Harper didn’t present an economic plan to help the country out of this mess — he tossed a few of hard right jabs at a hot-button issue that amounted to a few hundredths of a percent of the national budget and clamping the cuffs on public unions. This whole “coup” and “beware quebec” talk is a diversion from endless Reform-style politics that are cropping up in the conservative agenda again, and again, and again…

    Fact: Harper has a minority government. Fact: he promised to work together with the opposition. Fact: as prime minister his first priority should be to get the economy on solid footing. Fact: his first priority according to the minutes of the last week of the House of Commons has been to pick fights with the opposition.

    Harper is not a king. He is an elected civil servant and he works for the electorate. If he wants to keep that job he needs to remember that.

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