1. Sharyl

    May is also the final month before Relay For Life in Red Deer! Just a small plug to remind people that they can pledge me!

    On a side note I love “photo-every-day month!”

  2. Ah… I suppose I’ll let you plug your fund raiser. Though I would have thought you would have mentioned that you’re volunteering on one of the event committees, working towards a HUGE pledge goal, and left a link where the numerous generous and big-hearted people who read this blog could visit and pledge you a few bucks from their overflowing coffers.

  3. Sharyl

    Oh you mean by saying that I’m one of the co-chairs for team recruitment as well as in charge of media and promotions for the entire event. Or that we are aiming to have 100 teams of about 10 – 12 people all walking overnight and how we are hoping to raise $350,000. Or was it that we need to sell 2500 luminaries to light the track through the night while we remember and honor those people who are close to us. Or maybe I should mention that if you go to the website below (or my website) then you can easily pledge me!!


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