1. Father-in-law

    My peas are just about blooming and we will be eating them shortly. Are you still vying for the “Garden Cup”??? Just remember it takes years of experience to get it right…just ask Grandma Woods…the expert!!

    And…just in case you need some netting for the second crop, mine is now available!

    Also…you best be careful because Ryan is now back in the competition even though he got a late start!!

  2. Ryan

    After some technical difficuilties and alot of snow, I am in the running now. After all the rain over the last week all I need is some sun and it won’t take long to catch up. Based on size of the garden I have second place all wrapped up haha

  3. Ryan

    No I have a whole field of Peas so if you need some you can come here and pick some. But I did get rid of the chives and plant a garden

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