1. Dad S

    Looks like you got the hang of things. Go to the street devoted to only Chinese restuarants – on both sides (near Leicester Square). At night it is all lit up so you can’t miss it. All styles of chinese food

  2. Deborah

    *BLINK, BLINK* And here I sit. Took me a few moments since I didn’t even know you were leaving the country. Have fun for me…farthest I’ve EVER been out of the country was Greenville, South Carolina, July 2003 to become 2nd place small chorus internationally. TOTALLY support the choice to travel NOW…BC…Before Children….cuz it sure as heck doesn’t happen much AFTER…although I’m still holding my breath for A) after my parents move here or B) the kids go off to college….THEN I hope to run far, far away. (maniacal laugh)
    Seriously, though, enjoy the trip and take lots of photos which you will then post and describe in detail. :)

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