1. Lenore

    Oh NO!! I will send all my get better mojo her way. Hopefully the gash wasn’t too deep. Methinks you’re going to have to start tying her up no matter what now, she’s just so fast! Please keep us updated…

  2. Well, it looked worse than it was, I guess. Simply because her skin is so “tight” around her, like a piece of spandex or something, it stretched back at the wound. Until the vet told us otherwise I was certain she’d torn a chunk the size and shape of a cookie out of her skin. Luckily it was “just” a gash. The vet will call Karin when things are done, but apparently we’ll be able to pick her up after work.

  3. Vet called Karin: we pick her up this afternoon. Sparkle is in surgery (getting stitches only, but general anethetic) now. I guess things are ok. Perhaps if Karin reads this she can update more info.

  4. Lenore

    Yay! Conehead pictures! Animated lamps! :) I’m glad everything went ok, I google talked to Karin earlier and got more of the scoop.

    So in other questions, how does your blog archive leave a comment? :)

  5. Ah… well, that would be something call a trackback ping, a nifty little blogging feature that I usually just disabled, but decided to leave active this time. Basically, when I (or preferably another blogger) references a post, the post itself records a trackback. Since I linked to this entry in my next entry, the one about the deck, the blog created a trackback to from where it was referenced. Make sense?

  6. As an update to the original conversation: Sparkle is doing quite well. She was very dozy last night (as Derek and Shannon might attest) but all in all, after a pretty solid night of sleep, she is only little bit worse for wear. Unfortunately (for all those waiting for conehead photos — but not for Sparkle herself) she does not have a cone. Instead, she gets smeared on her underbelly (where she tooks some road rash somehow) with a foul-tasting cream that she isn’t too interested in licking off. The major wound, a 2 inch gash up her leg, is sutured and hidden away under a fashionable pnk bandage with the word OUCH written along the length, and a purple flower for good measure. I’ve taken a couple snaps of that and I’ll think about posting them later on today.

  7. Lenore

    Yay for Sparkle recovery! I’ll live without the cone pictures, but you *have* to get some pictures of her fabulous bandage…it sounds oh so fashionable. :)

    In other good news, I am your MOST VERBOSE reader!! Is that a good thing? :)

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